1.What is a U-Gain Note?

U-Gain is a debt instrument issued by Untu Capital, a registered microfinance institution. This instrument is listed on the stock exchange as a Retail Note.

This note is a financial contract between the Note Issuer and the Note Investor. The Note Issuer promises to pay the Note Investor interest after every six months for the 12 month investment period. The Note Issuer also promises to repay the principal given by the Note Investor at the end of the agreed period of 12 months. The Note is issued by the Note Issuer to raise funds for a specific purpose.

2. What is the total amount of money Untu Capital is aiming to raise from this note

Untu Capital is looking at borrowing US$1 million through U-Gain (this Retail Note). An additional US$4 million is being raised through institutional investors.

3. When will the Untu Capital pay me back my money?

The maturity period of U-Gain  is twelve (12) months; meaning that you will be paid back your initial investment amount called the “principal” after twelve months, plus any accrued interest for that period of time.

4. What is the interest rate for U-Gain?

The interest rate for U-Gain is 9% per year and it is fixed.

5. How frequently do I get paid my interest?

The interest will be payable every six (6) months or twice during the year.

6. What are the benefits of investing in U-Gain?


  • There is security for 100% of the investment that will be provided;
  • The interest return is superior to the deposit rates being offered by the commercial banks;
  • It is a source of income from the interest earned after every six months
  • Flexible as one can sell when need arises. When the U-Gain holder sells before maturity the price will be subject to the market prices obtaining then;
  • A way of growing your money for the future
  • Convenient and confidential
  • You can transact anywhere, anytime within Zimbabwe
7. Who can buy U-Gain?

Anyone registered on Ecocash or Telecash networks can buy the note using their mobile phones. Alternatively if your investment amount is above a US$1,000 you can make a bank transfer. Details of this are provided in the Programme Memorandum.

8. Why should I buy U-Gain?

U-Gain is an attractive way of growing your money while keeping it safe, giving a return of 9% per year.

9. What do I require to buy U-Gain?
  • You need to have a mobile phone (a simple phone will be okay)
  • You need to have registered your mobile number with Ecocash or Telecash Mobile Money
  • You need to open a U-Gain Account (this is Free!)
10. How do I register/apply for/ open a U-Gain Account?
  • Once you have registered your mobile number for Mobile Money dial *151# (Ecocash) or *707# (Telecash) and follow the instructions. You will receive an SMS confirmation message with your U-Gain Account number. Alternatively, if you are paying by bank transfer your filled out application form will be used to open your U-Gain account. Corpserve the transfer secretaries will send this to you.
11. How do I buy the U-Gain?
  • Load your Mobile money account with at least $50.00; ensure you factor in the transaction costs. Dial *151# (Ecocash) or *707# (Telecash) and follow instructions. You are now on your way to growing your money with U-Gain.
12. What is the minimum amount of U-gain I can buy during the offer period?
  • The minimum amount of U-Gain an investor can buy is $50.00. Thereafter, one can buy in the multiples of $50.00 per day until the full amount on offer is exhausted.
13. Is there a maximum limit on how much I can buy?
  • There are no daily limits (Ecocash and Telecash)
  • For bank transfer the maximum limit is US$ 1 million.
14. What will it cost me to buy the U-Gain in the during the offer period (primary market)?

During the offer period ( 04 December 2017 to 05 January
the cost of buying U-Gain will be the respective MNO charges

15. How do I earn/make money from U-Gain?

As an investor you will be paid 4.5% of your total investment after every six months for the next three years. This is more than you receive from most other saving products.

16. Can I sell my U-Gain before the end of the twelve-month period?

Yes. You can sell U-Gain after closure of the initial sale period through the Finsec Stock Exchange. To sell, dial *151# (Ecocash) or *707# (Telecash) and choose the “sell” option then follow instructions to complete your sell order.

17. Can I Buy U-Gain after close of the offer?

Yes. You can buy the U-Gain  in the secondary market (Stock Exchange). All you need to do is dial *151# (Ecocash) or *707# (Telecash), choose the “buy” option and follow instructions to complete your buy order. Ensure you have enough money in your mobile wallet for the amount of U-Gain you wish to purchase. Transactions costs shall apply.

18. How long does it take from the time I buy/sell to get a confirmation message?

The process takes place in real time. You may however experience some delays depending on the network coverage in your area.

19. How can I track my investment?

Simply dial *151# (Ecocash) or *707# (Telecash), and go to the “My Account” menu under the U-Gain option and you will be able to view your statement.

20. How different is U-Gain from other savings options available in the market?

U-Gain is an investment product which has been introduced by Untu Capital to revive a savings culture as a means of growing wealth. The return is guaranteed at an attractive rate of 9% per year.

21. Whom do I contact in case I have any queries related to U-Gain?

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