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U-Gain is a retail debt instrument issued by Untu Capital for the purposes of expanding the reach and increasing the convenience of local transactions and loan facilities to micro-borrowers and micro-entrepreneurs. It is a product listed on the Finsec Stock Exchange and is brought to you by Untu Capital in collaboration with Mobile Network Operators. Further,  U-Gain is also aimed at enhancing the savings and investment culture of Zimbabweans.

A culture of saving is correlated to economic empowerment and wealth creation in a nation’s standing.

A paper published in the International Journal of Consumer Studies, September 2016, cites that 52% of adults in Zimbabwe do not save. Among the remaining 48 % over half save using informal structures.  This highlights that our socio-economic development is under threat and more worrying that we are out of step with regional trends towards to financial inclusion. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Inclusion Strategy, 2016-2020, states that financial inclusion; “The effective use of a wide range of quality, affordable & accessible financial services, provided in a fair and transparent manner through formal/ regulated entities, by all Zimbabweans” is a key driver in increasing the socio-economic development of the country.

Products like U-Gain help make financial services and literacy accessible to many Zimbabweans at the bottom of the economic pyramid who may feel forgotten or excluded. Its interest rates are lucrative while its convenience and flexibility employ mobile money which is gaining deeper penetration within Zimbabwe. The innovation of quick and affordable transactions via mobile phones is combined with efficiency that enhances the customer experience as mobile network operators will already have users appropriately registered. As ordinary Zimbabweans gain more they, together, build more and create better futures for themselves and the nation.

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