U-Gain is a retail debt instrument issued by Untu Capital, a registered microfinance institution. At Untu we seek to work  with ordinary Zimbabweans who desire to build better futures for their families and businesses. Funds raised from this instrument will go towards increasing the convenience and reach of our local transactions so that more Zimbabweans can get access to the support they need. At Untu true wealth is created together.


Benefits of using U-Gain


  • U-Gain is listed on the Stock Exchange.
  • U-Gain is being issued by a microfinance institution with a proven track record of high asset quality and strong financial performance.
  • U-Gain is secured with security administered by a Trustee.


  • U-Gain is available on mobile money.
  • U-Gain can be traded, bought or sold like shares on the Stock Market after the offer period of 04 December to 05 January 2018.
  • U-Gain can be sold before the maturation date on the stock market at the going price .
  • U-Gain pays your money back straight to your mobile money wallet.


  • 9 % interest for a period of 12 months

Grow Your Money Today (What does it do?)

U-gain seeks to give better value, more options and better returns to you. Each note you buy will gain 9% interest over a period of one year.

Start Small to Grow Big (How does it work?)

Everything big started small. U-gain is affordable and accessible. For as little as $50.00 you can purchase your U-Gain. U-gain is available on Mobile Network Operators, Econet and Telecel.  Just dial *151# (Ecocash) or *707# (Telecash) and follow the instructions. You don’t even have to leave your house to make the transaction.

A Better Future Together (What are the incentives?)

If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far walk together. (African Proverb) Untu Capital has spent 8 years in Zimbabwe helping ordinary people make a living, build futures and grow businesses one loan at a time.  U-Gain is expanding the reach of this business with the true spirit of Untu – giving value for money. The interest rates for U-Gain are the most competitive you will find on the formal market today. You only stand to gain with Untu-Capital

How it works

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